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The Steering Committee for the Booster Clubs of the Oakland Raiders (SCBCOR or Steering Committee for short) was established  in December of 1989.   Morris Bradshaw, former Oakland Raiders wide receiver  and  currently Senior Administrator with the Oakland Raiders, serves as the Oakland Raiders’ Booster Club Adviser .  Morris is the liaison between the Raiders Booster Clubs and the Oakland Raiders.

Sactown Club President Denise is  a Steering Committee Special Assistant, and also serves on both the Guidelines and Elections Committees.  She chairs  the Steering Committee’s annual Commitment to Excellence (CTE) Award Dinner – which is regularly featured on Behind the Shield .

As a member of the Steering Committee,  the Sactown Raider Booster Club actively participates in Steering Committee sponsored events (see the list below). The purpose of the Steering Committee (excerpted from the Guidelines) is to:

1)    Be a federation of all officially recognized Raider Booster/Fan Clubs working together to support each other and the Oakland Raiders;

2) Provide guidance to those wishing to form new clubs;

3) Establish camaraderie, friendship and cooperation among officially recognized Booster Clubs;

Sactown President Denise (far right) with friends from the San Jose and Oakland Booster Clubs a Steering Committee Draft Day Party

4) Magnify the support for the Raider team;

5) Serve as a centralized communication between Raiders Booster clubs and the Oakland Raiders

There are 56 officially recognized Oakland Raider Booster Clubs internationally,  including one in England!  Of those,  22 clubs are members of the Steering Committee.


Each Booster Club is allowed to have one person represent them and vote at Steering Committee meetings. Steve Kilekas is the Steering Committee Representative for the Sactown Boosters.


Ricky’s Sports Theatre & Grill

Steering Committee meetings are held approximately six times per year at Ricky’s Sports Theatre in San Leandro.   The purpose of the meetings is to plan Steering Committee events, provide a forum for sharing information between Booster Clubs and – as a sidebar – to discuss the latest team news.

The Steering Committee sponsors three annual events:

* A Tailgate Party ;;

* An annual trip to a Raiders away game;

* The annual Commitment to Excellence (CTE)  Award Dinner at the Oakland Airport Hilton honoring the Raiders player who was the recipient of the CTE award;

*Special invitations to Raiders Training Camp have also been extended to Booster Clubs that are members of the Steering Committee

Rep Steve (right) and son-in-law Andrew at the CTE Dinner

With the exception of the CTE Dinner, Steering Committee  events are open ONLY to members of officially recognized Raiders Booster Clubs that are members of the Steering Committee.

You can visit the Steering Committee website by clicking  here .


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  1. Are you guys doing a bus for the Charger game? How about a train ride? I’m visiting for the Holidays and would love to cheer on a possible Raider playoff berth with fellow fans.

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