DC Raider Boosters Looking for a Miami Game Tailgate Party

The DC Metro Raider Booster Club will be traveling to Miami for the Raiders @ Miami game.  Due to some restrictions with regard to tailgating, they are looking to join a group of Raiders fans who will be tailgating.     We would like to join you!  Please contact Rommel Bradley, Executive Director of the DC Metro Boosters at(404) 788-8544.  
Thanks and GO RAIDERS!

~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on November 26, 2011.

One Response to “DC Raider Boosters Looking for a Miami Game Tailgate Party”

  1. Bless everybody and Allen Davis and the Davis Family. We will be back!

    FARMERS, AEG and GEICO Insurance are trying to buy the Raiders which is legal except for the corruption involved. They are working with the NFL who is involved with trying to get the Raiders sold to a wealthier group or person(s).

    All kinds of things are happening with Oakland and it looks like somebody wants them to keep stumbling until they are in another stadium and another owner’s control so RaiderNation needs to check this out. Maybe asking some questions might get some information.

    FARMERS and AEG are so bold they even tried to beomce managers of the Oc.o. Why do that after Al said “NO!” to AEG and they aren’t planning on helping build a stadium in Oakland?

    you can contact FARMERS at http://www.farmers.com/contact_us.html

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