Broncos @ Raiders Amtrak Trip and Tailgate Party! – Add your comments!

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~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on November 1, 2011.

One Response to “Broncos @ Raiders Amtrak Trip and Tailgate Party! – Add your comments!”

  1. Great win last night. Not pretty, but Just Win Baby!

    But here’s my post Broncos game rant. I’m sure many Raiders fans felt the same way. Note my right of retraction at the end. :

    Sorry I couldn’t make the tailgate party before the game. Game? What the *** was that? I am sooooo very pissed. At what point do we call him out about his coaching and GM decisions? Let’s start right now; 130 yards in penalties, again? AFC West title? Shut the *** up until you have done something. Amy Trask managed to run the team into the ground with her predecessor and now his son, who has never wanted to be part of football operations and doesn’t know **** about football, is allowing Who Jackson to make decisions like giving away draft picks to his pals, for his old friends.

    We got outscored 31 to 7 in the second half. Plus, they took three other points off of the board. Will Hugh admit that he got outcoached again? Another fifty could have been called.

    Things really went south for us when Satele went down. We missed McClain in the middle. I will be looking for heavy doses of DHB and Boss on Thursday. We need McClain back. It is a very good thing that the Bolts don’t have Tomlinson any more.

    How does a Tim Tebow team dominate like that. We it handed to us yet again. No more excuses. Amy has to go, Mark has to go, and Who has to go. No more excuses. Palmer is what he has always been. Is Palmer the second coming of Jeff George.?When will we learn? Now, Cincy fans are laughing like crazy about the Raider Nation. We bought their sloppy seconds at an above market price.

    I think that the AFC West is quite weak enough. The Chefs blow us out then get blown out by the Phins. We need a 100 yard kickoff return and a fake field goal touchdown to beat Cleveland. Then the niners blow them out.

    I reserve the right to change my mind about any and all of the above statements based on the future performance of the team.

    Just When Baby?

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