Rest In Peace, Mr. Davis

~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on October 8, 2011.

One Response to “Rest In Peace, Mr. Davis”

  1. The best compliment we can give to Mr. Davis for now is not to watch the November 11th tribute by NFL Network. They really didn’t like Al, the Raiders or RaiderNation. They are using 11/11 to mock him and slight the fans at the same time, one last time.

    11/11 is seen as a day that you don’t do important things and do things that aren’t very serious to you so the real important things won’t be jinxed. Add the 9/11 and the negativity from that incident and no. 11 isn’t a day to be remembered as positive. Ask yourself this question: Al didn’t pass away in November so why would they wait so long? In times like this even people you don;t get along in your profession will honor you but it looks like the NFL still has grudges against Al and his Raiders and to put his tribute on 11/11 is a slight and mocking him.

    Fans shouldn’t watch it. If RaiderNation wants to see a tribute they should do something on the internet or if they can, go to the rally at the Oakland Marriot on 11/5/2011.

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