John Spanos Thanks the Raider Nation

The night of remembrance for John Spanos,  Jr. was a night to remember.   The Raider Nation came out in full force to honor the life of a great man and die hard Raiders fan.  The site of the event, the Hacienda Restaurant was standing room only.  There was a continuous line for autographs from Jim Otto who signed items gratis in memory of his friend John, Jr.   Otto, fresh off of hip replacement surgery and utilizing a walker,  stayed past the planned 8:00 p.m. end time for autographs, a testament to both the  character of the Hall-of-Famer and the memory of  John Jr.   The music and food flowed as people purchased raffle tickets and made donations that went to the trust for John Jr.’s two young children.

In addition to friends, family and Sactown Raiders Booster Club members who knew John Jr, Raiders fans from and near came out to honor the memory of a great Raiders fan.    Raiders fans from as far away as  San Jose (Raider Drive Booster Club) and Bakersfield (Bakersfield Raider Nation) made the trek in a show of support that John Jr. will not be forgotten.

The day after,  John Spanos, Sr.  made a point to say  “I just want to send a big ‘thank you’ out to all the people and all the Raiders fans who showed up.  It was phenomenal.  I cannot thank everyone enough.”

All in attendance must have been able to feel  John Jr.’s big Raider smile beaming down upon the crowd.  It was definitely an event that did justice to John Jr.  and the wonderful man that he was.


~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on January 31, 2011.

One Response to “John Spanos Thanks the Raider Nation”

  1. As a friend of the family, I would like to thank everybody that showed up. I know it helped in dealing with easing the pain of losing a son, husband, father and friend.
    I also want to thank Jim Otto. I don’t know how many people knew this, but Jim flew in from a hospital bed in Utah just for this event. He just had a Hip replacement. He sat there for 2 hours plus signing autographs with a bad hip. (he wasn’t suppose to be out of the hospital yet as he has not finished his recovery). This is a true sign of what the Raider tradition and spirit is all about. He is a true Hall of Fame player and person.

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