From a Raiders Fan – What Does the Raiders Win Over the Chargers Really Mean?

– Article by Marty Brown

Ah, the sweet thrill of victory. I am giving out kudos for everybody all the way around. It feels so good to be able to fly my colors and talk about facts instead of dreams, rhetoric, speculation, and trash. All aspects of the machine worked in perfect sync.

Everybody contributed. Even Raider fans did their part with our annual hijacking of Quallcom Park.  One of these years, we should get a team together and climb to the top of that stadium and hoist the Raiders Nation Flag during the game – just to make it completely official that it is our house.

I loved the way that we opened up the offense to get us a decent lead. Then, we shut it down and ran hard between the tackles. We did just enough to keep them off balance all throughout the game. We’ve got even more of our offense (under wraps) that we did not have to show [against the Chargers] Sunday.

The only decision now is whether to go all-out to beat Jacksonville or, do we continue to sandbag plays in order to beat Denver and Kansas City? At the beginning of this season, whooda thunk we would have a better chance of beating Indianapolis than we would have of beating Jacksonville?!  That’s NFL parity at its finest.

Jason Campbell was feelin’ it. He was having dreams that he was the first coming of Cam Newton, only that he was getting paid legally. I think that with Campbell, the day that the QB spot is our weak link is the day when we are firmly in the playoffs, looking to win Super Bowls. I hope for that day.

If this performance keeps up, even Cable may have a realistic shot at actually keeping his job for another season. I think that a minimum .500 record and he may actually have a chance for another go around.

Short of that, Al Davis may be putting a new light bulb in the overhead projector for another Christmas Day press conference! It is sad that the bar has been lowered to a height that we think that.500 is a great season.

Don’t hate though. Enjoy the ride. Celebrate the success while we still can. The bar is set low but we still have a chance to go 10 and 6, or 6 and 10. When we look around the league this year, every good team has laid an egg or two against someone that they should have beaten. This is the new day of NFL football.

Go Raiders


~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on December 10, 2010.

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