What Are They Doing Now – Bill Romanowski

Bill Romanowski – Nutrition Guru

Former Oakland Raiders player Bill Romanowksi retired in 2003 after a 16-year playing career in the NFL is the CEO of Nutrition53, a supplement and nutrition company.

Romanowski is a controversial figure in some NFL corners — he was intimately tied with the BALCO investigation and has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs — though respected in others for his involvement in the nutritional world.

In February of  2010 “Romo” interviewed with the Washington Redskins for a position as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Bill Romanowski calls Cris Carter’s claim “absolute fiction”

Posted by Michael David Smith on May 9, 2012, 12:46 PM EDT

When Cris Carter confessed that he put bounties on opposing players during his NFL career, he pointed the finger at Bill Romanowski, saying he put a bounty on Romanowski as a form of self-defense after Romanowski approached him before a game and said, “I’m gonna end your career, Carter.”

Romanowski says Carter is a liar, saying Carter “absolutely made it up.”

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Romanowski said he might have thought about wanting to hurt Carter, but he wouldn’t have bothered to talk trash to Carter before a game.

“It is absolute fiction,” Romanowski said. “If he could read my mind in pre-game, yeah, maybe he had it right. But I didn’t talk before games. I was in the zone. I was focused. I was thinking everything I had to do to help our defense, to help our team win a football game. That’s all that mattered.”

Romanowski said that even when he did get in the face of an opposing player he wouldn’t do what Carter described.

“I’d say something like ‘You’re going down,’” Romanowski said. “That’s about as much as I would say to a guy like that. Cris Carter, to me, at that point, he didn’t really mean anything. If it was a tight end or somebody that I really had to battle in the trenches with on every play it’s a different story, but he was a receiver.”

In Romanowski’s view, Carter just threw out this story of bounties because he wanted to get in on the topic everyone is discussing in the NFL today.

“If he put a bounty on me, it wasn’t very good because it didn’t work,” Romanowski said. “I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now.”

In addition to running his nutrition business,  Romanowski  regularly appears as a guest on Ferrall Radio (Sirius channel 101, 8 PM-12 AM M-F) and ESPN Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd.


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