Jamarcus Russell Justifies His Benching By Opening His Mouth

JaMarcus Russell stoops to new low

The Red Zone Report
-by Kevin Roberts

December 10th 2009

Russell has stooped to a new low.
It’s been three weeks since the Oakland Raiders benched franchise quarterback Jamarcus Russell in favor of the relatively unknown Bruce Gradkowski.

Since then, the Raiders have pulled off impressive upsets over the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers, as Gradkowsi has displayed solid control and the ability to make plays with receivers that Russell could hardly move the chains with.

Coincidence? This writer says no, and believes that very few competent people with any knowledge of the NFL would disagree. Except, of course, the Raiders very own Jamarcus Russell.

In a recent interview, his first since the benching, Russell exhibited his strong disdain for any potential contract negotiations, saying, “That’s over and done with. I don’t even consider that as a part of it.”

A part of what? And by “that’s over and done with”, is the former LSU star talking about his career, or is he talking about his selfishness?

Not in essence, but in pure, blunt language, the lazy, self-absorbed former number one overall pick has freely admitted that he wouldn’t even consider taking a pay-cut. He’s been signed and paid for, and he is getting what’s coming to him.

That’s Russell’s way of calling Al Davis and all of Oakland “suckers”, and telling them that it was their choice to bench him, so they’ll have to pay him as a bench-warmer. It’s their bed, so they can sleep in it, right?

Ditto, Jamarcus. Ditto.

Russell didn’t stop there, though. No, he went much, much further.

When asked what he thought about the team’s recent 2-1 record without him, the way the offense has actually moved the ball, and the way Bruce Gradkowski has stepped up and played excellent football, he simply shrugged it off as lucky, but without actually saying those words.

He made a point of saying that the Raiders recent offensive success had much more to do with the receivers catching the ball and making plays, rather than Gradkowski doing anything different or special than Russell had done in the first nine weeks.

Oh, now we get it, Russell. You took all those sacks, lost five fumbles, completed just 46.8% of your passes, and threw just two touchdowns to nine interceptions, all because your weapons weren’t helping you enough. Got it.

As Russell continues to make excuses for his horrid play, Gradkowski has already thrown more touchdowns in one game than he has all season. Gradkowski has matched Russell’s 2009 win total in three games. And he’s actually looked good doing it.

Russell is irritated, and for good reason, because a guy that few would ever imagine should even make an NFL roster looks, acts, leads, and plays on such a higher level than Russell, it’s more than just a little puzzling; it’s damn pathetic.

In his refusal to address his own mistakes, flaws, and laziness toward his role and status with the team, Russell has only taken a shovel and buried himself an even deeper hole. And believe this, folks, the hole he is standing in is deep.

Russell is three years into his career, and by all accounts, is a total waste of space. He is a, spell it with me: B-U-S-T.

And he doesn’t even know it yet.

Russell still claims to have the fire and determination to “work his a** off” if he has to compete next year with Gradkowski or another quarterback.

He can claim anything he wants. This writer isn’t buying it.

This guy has been handed everything since day one, and despite not having the perfect set of weapons or the best offensive line, he has done the least with any amount of talent that we have seen in some time.

The worst part about Russell is that he isn’t taking advantage of his benching like a true professional would. If he were smart, he’d take a note out of Vince Young’s book. He’d watch, work hard, and learn. He’d respect Gradkowski, what he’s done, and how he leads.

He would take a pay-cut, give credit where credit is due, and own up to being an under-performing, selfish prima dona.

But doing any of that would mean that Jamarcus Russell actually cares about football, his teammates, and being a successful human being. But his mere reaction to taking a pay-cut has already told us what we need to know.

We already knew he was light years away from being a good NFL quarterback. Now we know he’s light years away from being a better person, as well.

~ by Sactown Raider Boosters on December 11, 2009.

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