Warren Sapp retired after the 2007 season and hasn’t paid a lot of attention to the goings-on in the NFL in the last few months. But the chubby defensive tackle does have some unflattering thoughts about the Oakland Raiders, the team he played for the last four years.

For starters, Sapp tells Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports that the Raiders have problems on defense because owner Al Davis has put together “a team with 3-4 personnel, but they’re running a 4-3 system.”

Sapp also had some harsh words for former teammate LaMont Jordan, who carried 84 times for 424 yards in September of 2007 but just 60 times for 125 yards the rest of the season. According to Sapp, that’s because Jordan was out of shape.

“LaMont is like the worst offseason running back I’ve ever been around; he was out of shape and couldn’t keep it going,” Sapp tells Silver.

That’s why Sapp endorses the decision to select running back Darren McFadden in the first round of Saturday’s draft.

“I love Darren McFadden to the Raiders,” Sapp said. “I think it’s a perfect fit.”

And while Davis is widely believed to dislike head coach Lane Kiffin and regret hiring him, Sapp is in Kiffin’s corner.

“There is nothing wrong with Lane Kiffin’s offensive system,” Sapp said. “There is nothing wrong with Lane Kiffin as a head coach, and now he has another stud who can help him succeed. I guess Al’s going for his last hurrah.”