Barnett Wants Fine on Raiders Center

Story Updated: Dec 14, 2007

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Green Bay Packers middle linebacker Nick Barnett wants NFL officials to punish Oakland Raiders center Jeremy Newberry for poking him in the eye on Sunday.

“Hell, yeah,” Barnett said. “I get fined for small (stuff) — people on the ground, and I push them down too hard or something. So that definitely should be fineable.”

Barnett said after Sunday’s 38-7 Packers victory over the Raiders that Newberry poked him in the eye “like the Three Stooges” after one play, scratching his cornea and temporarily affecting his vision

“I couldn’t see anything out of one eye, so I didn’t know what it was,” Barnett said. “Anybody’s going to panic when your vision is being messed with.”

Newberry wasn’t penalized on the play.

Barnett said his eye is fine, but he’ll probably start wearing a face shield under his facemask.

“I just don’t want to get poked again,” Barnett said. “I probably will wear it for a little bit.”

Barnett hasn’t heard anything back from Newberry or the Raiders.

“I don’t need to hear nothing from those guys,” Barnett said. “It’s not that serious at this point now. The league will deal with them, if they even do. But we’ll see if that happens.”

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